what is public service center


what is public service center

Do you know what these Sahaj Jan Seva Kendras are and how to open them? This CSC (Common Service Center) is a center established by the Government of India, which provides facilities to those people where many facilities do not reach the common people in rural areas.

Jan Seva Kendra is a focal point where all the necessary forms which are useful in the common life of all the people, all those forms Filled with the help of computer. for example Ration card, Pension, Insurance, Birth certificate, Death certificate, Bank account, Aadhar card etc. Many other such important government papers can be made from this center which can be of use to the needy person.

The Government of India has decided to set up Jan Seva Kendra at a distance of at least 5KM in every district and city so that it can provide all facilities and services to the general public. It has been decided to open a public service center in the middle of the village for rural areas. Wherein in today’s article we will tell you what is CSC? How to do CSC Registration You will get to read about etc.

what is public service center

What is CSC? What is Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra?

Full form of CSC is Common Service Center Is. This is a service center that is being opened by the special Central Government to help the Indian people. across the country e-governance In order to implement it properly, the government has set up these Sahaj Jan Seva Kendras.

With the help of this, you can take advantage of all the facilities started by the public government. Many facilities are available under this scheme such as in rural areas. Agriculture, Health, Education, Entertainment, FMCG Products, Banking, Financial Services And so on.

CSC in no The main objective of this is that with the help of this high quality and cost effective E- Governance Services can be provided.

Name CSC Digital Seva
initiated by Government of India
beneficiary Citizens of India
registration process Online
Objective Providing a variety of online services
Category central government schemes
Official website https://register.csc.gov.in/

Why Public Service Center is necessary?

in today’s era Internet is playing an important role in the life of every person in the world. With the help of this, today all the necessary information is being sent from one person to another at such a fast pace which was not possible earlier.

All kinds of government forms, plans and schemes are being filled in the public service center with the help of internet. E-governance, keeping an eye on the amenities of the common people, sends the government system and scheme for them to these public service centers through internet.

For these reasons, the main objective of the Jan Seva Kendra has been that they can easily help the poor people without corruption.

We all know that corruption is an important issue in our country in every government office where it is impossible to get your work done without tea and money.

And for those who are poor, it is difficult for them and their family to get even two times of bread, then how will they be able to make all these government papers for themselves by paying money.

This is the reason that poor and needy people in our country do not have access to all kinds of facilities. Therefore, the Government of India has decided that public service centers should be established in every district, village and locality, through which all types of government plans और scheme to be made accessible to the common man free of cost. It is very important to have a public service center in every city and village of our country.

What is required for Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

If you want to open an easy public service center in your area, then for this you should have all the necessary things which are necessary, along with this you have to provide some important information like educational qualification, age and necessary documents. So let’s get complete information about it.


The most important thing is that if you are applying for CSC (Sahaj Public Service Center) then you should be a local person of that place.


Applicant’s age must be 18 years or above.


Applicant should have at least matriculation pass (Xth). If you have the ability above this then it is very good for you.

Other Residents

  • The applicant should be able to read, write and understand the local language. Because it is very important for them later.
  • Knowledge of English language is mandatory and it is necessary to have knowledge of computer along with it.

Digital India Initative Under this, the Government of India has decided to set up about 1,00,000 (1 lakh) CSC centers across India. For this they are looking for the eligible applicant. The main job of these CSCs is to help the people.

Materials required for Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra

  • For room space of 100-150 square meter.
  • System of two personal computers in which Windows XP-SP2 (operating system) or later version is required to be installed.
  • Battery Backup should be at least 5 hours or you can use portable generator set as backup.
  • There should also be two printers (Inject + Dot Matrix).
  • of computer RAM Must be at least 512 Mb or more.
  • Computer Hard Drive The size must be 120Gb.
  • It is necessary to have Digital Camera / Web Cam.
  • Must have Wired / Wireless / V-ST Connectivity.
  • Biometric / IRIS authentication Banking services from scanner.
  • CD / DVD Drive
  • The total estimated cost per CSC will be 1.25 to 1.50 lakh (excluding land and building).
  • Good Internet Connection at least 128 Must be of Kbps.

What are the Fees of CSC Registration?

You do not have to pay any fee for CSC registration, it is absolutely free.

How to earn money from Common Service Center

If you want to earn money from Common Service Center then you do not have to do much, but you have to work according to the needs of the people.

Like you from this Jan Seva Kendra For Pan Card, Voter Card, Passport online apply can do. This gives you a good commission per transaction.

not only that you Mobile Recharge, DTH recharge, Mobile Bill Payment, Instant Money Transfer, Data Recharge, LIC Premium Filling, For Jobs apply online, photocopy, train and bus registration, pension service And so on.

Here you get a good commission for doing every transaction. People can easily earn between 20 to 30 thousand from CSC.

What are the benefits of being a Jan Seva Kendra?

The biggest advantage of being a public service center is that it is far away from the government offices and is close to the common man so that the common man can get the service easily without any corruption and hassle and can get it as soon as possible.

Jan Seva Kendra is very close to those people who want to get any kind of government information and can fill all kinds of state and center government forms in Jan Seva Kendra.

How to earn money from CSC Center?

Whatever work you do in this, you will get some percentage commission for all those works, whereas a separate commission has been kept for all the work in it.

For more information related to this, you will get the website of Digital Seva Portal on the site ie CSC’s site. Let us now know further. CSC Center How to apply for (Jan Seva Kendra), how CSC registration is done.

How to open Jan Seva Kendra?

As you know that the Jan Seva Kendra is a part of the schemes and plans of the Central and State Government. so public service center state government There is an authorized facilitation center by which the common man will be able to easily take advantage of the plans and schemes of the state government.

An independent organization exists in every state of India, which has the right to open a public service center for the central government. The public service center can be opened by the same person who 12th pass exam and who has computer, scanner. Internet, small office and all other facilities are available, then he can open a public service center and help the common people.

In every state, the name of this center may be different from the public service center, but its purpose always remains the same. And every person of India because of these public service centers government के schemes और plans will be connected to.

If you also want to extend the facilities given by the government to the common people, then in your district of Seher. You can contact the office and open a public service center.

How to do CSC Registration

Then let us know how to do CSC Registration. Each step is explained in Hindi.

Follow these steps for CSC Registration in hindi:

1) First of all go to the website given below.

2) CSC Website After that there you will see the option of New VLE Registration, click on it.

3) Now there you have to enter your Aadhaar number in the Pay Aadhar Number box.

4) After this select the OTP option.

5) Then you Captcha code has to be entered in the Captcha Box.

6) At the same time, you have to click on the submit option.

7) Now a new box will open in front of you in which it will be written I hereby state that I have……. At the same time, you have to put a tick mark in the box next to it.

8) Now under it Generate OTP Option Click on.

9) Now the mobile number registered in your Aadhar card (Registered Mobile Number) but an OTP will come.

10) Now enter that OTP given below OTP Box Fill in.

11) then after Validate OTP Click on option.

12) Do this, but your Aadhaar will be verified and you will see its information further.


-> Now after this a Kiosk form will appear in your computer screen.

-> Now you have to fill that form. in that you own Name, address of CSC Center etc all have to be filled.

-> After that you have to click on the Continue option given below it.


-> After that you have to enter banking details as well as PAN card details and its copy.

-> After that click on Continue option below it.


-> After that in Documents page CSC Center The outside photo and the inside photo have to be attached.

-> now right there under him Longitude और Latitude option To select it, click on the Click to point on map option below it and add the location of your CSC center there.

-> After that click on Continue option below it.

Infrastructure – Role arrangement

-> Now in the Infrastructure page, you have to enter the information of your tools like Computer, Biometric etc. and in that for CSC Digi-mail id (email id) and other information.

Review – Review

-> Now after that click on the Review option given above and see whether the information you have filled is correct or not, if it is not correct, then edit it again. In this you get a chance to check again.

-> After that click on the Agree & Submit option given below.

-> Now you have to wait for 45 days after that a message will be sent to your email id Digi mail You will get an email from CSC id / OMT id और Password will be given. After that you can start your work by logging on to your Digital Seva Portal ie CSC’s site.

CSC Center Digital Seva Direct Links

What is the full form of VLE?

Village-Level Entrepreneur means area based entrepreneur.

How much is the application fee for CSC?

If you want to apply in CSC then you will not have to pay any fee because this service is completely free.

what did you learn today

I hope you guys What is Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra CSC and how to open? Gave complete information about it and I hope you people must have understood about what is Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra.

I request all of you readers that you also share this information in your neighbourhood, relatives, your friends, so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your cooperation so that I can pass more new information to you guys.

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