What is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood


What is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood

let’s find out today What is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood If you are also fond of watching movies, then you must have heard the name of Bollywood and Hollywood. Actually the film industries based in America are known as Hollywood which is popular all over the world whereas Indian film industries are known as Bollywood. Bollywood films are seen in a few countries other than India, so its popularity is much less than American films because Hollywood films are seen in most countries of the world apart from America. Due to this there is also a big difference in their cost and earnings, the first silent movie was made in America in the year 1903, with this Hollywood was born.

What is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood

10 years later, in the year 1913, the first silent film Raja Harishchandra was made in Bollywood. By the way, there is not much difference in the time of birth of both the film industries, but Hollywood started progressing at an early time. Today Hollywood is considered to be the largest cinema world in the world whereas it took 20 to 30 years for the Indian film industry to make a place in the hearts of the people. There are many reasons for this, as India used to come under the British rule at that time, so Indian films did not get as much access as they should, at that time only people with money used to watch films in India. Whereas America was an independent country and it got the full support of its country to take its films to the world.

What is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood

If you have seen the films of both the industries then you must have also realized that there is a lot of difference between Hollywood and Bollywood like science fiction and war is their main genre in Hollywood. While most of the family and love story films are seen in Bollywood, there is also a difference in the style of making them. Higher technology is used in Hollywood than in Bollywood.

1. So first of all let’s talk about technology, the most modern technology is used in Hollywood. This makes the scenes of the films exciting and realistic.

2. If the world’s popular Hollywood films are seen, then their budget is in thousands of crores while the budget of Bollywood films is hundreds of crores.

3. You will be surprised to know that in a year more films are produced in Bollywood than Hollywood, but there is a huge difference in earning between the two industries. For example, the budget of one Hollywood film is as much as five Bollywood films earn, and since people from all over the world watch, their earnings are also in thousands of crores.

4. In Hollywood, almost 90 percent of the films are original, in which they are neither copied nor based on any particular, whereas in Bollywood many films are copied in the name of remakes. Like nowadays many movies are being copied from South Indian Film Industries.

5. Most of the movies in American film industries are made on the subject like science fiction and war and it is not from now but from the beginning of Hollywood, if you look at its history, you will find that most of the movies are made on science fiction and war. . While the few movies in Bollywood are science fiction, most of the films in India have themes of love story, drama, comedy, romance and action.

6. Now let’s take a look at the music of both the industries, if you watch both types of films, then you must have also noticed that songs are not given much importance in Hollywood. In these, you will definitely get to see background music, whereas 95 percent of Bollywood films have songs, in India it is believed that if the film does not have songs, then the film will not be a hit.

7. Since American Film Industries is the most modern film industries in the world, in which most of the films are on modernity, traditional things are not shown in it. However, in this too many films have been made on history, which have been portrayed quite well, in many Bollywood family films, you are shown the traditional way in all the festivals, wedding rituals etc.

8. Now let’s talk about comedy which is seen in movies of both film industries but their method is different. In Hollywood, comedy is shown through small incidents whereas in Bollywood actors do comedy by communicating.

9. There is one more thing that shows the difference between the two, as in Hollywood, the film is more famous than the actors, people remember each and every scene of it. Whereas in Bollywood the opposite happens, we have the hero of the film famous and people go to see the film to see these hero heroines, that means in American films, the actor is famous for the film, whereas in India the film is famous for the star actor.

10. Movies often also show the culture of the country like in America Husband wife, boyfriend girlfriend easily break their relationship, it doesn’t matter to them and it can be seen in American movies also. Whereas in Indian film people do not break their relationships easily and the culture of India is also such where any relationship is given a lot of importance.

Every film industry has its own identity and all are popular to their class, the original language of Hollywood films is English, so it is easily accessible in most of the countries of the world. While Indian film is made in Hindi and the regional language of India, it does not reach other countries, which is why the audience of Indian film industries is much less than Hollywood.

So now you know that What is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood There is not only Bollywood film industries in India, but there are many film industries like South Indian Tollywood, Marathi, Bhojpuri, all of them have their own fans. Earlier only Indian films were seen in India, but in the last few years Hollywood has entered India and there is no dearth of fans in our India too. So I hope you got to know something new in this article.


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