Which is the tallest building in the world


Which is the tallest building in the world

do you know currently which is the tallest building in the world Where is it located If you are also fond of seeing Manhattan, then you will also want to know about the largest building. Whenever it comes to tall buildings, the first name comes to America, where most of the skyscrapers are present, which tourists from all over the world turn to America to see. There was a time when America had the record of building the tallest building in the world, but at present it has become the name of another country. So what is that country, we will tell you everything, before this post, let us tell you that high-rise building does not depend on the GDP of any country because in most cases it has been seen that this building is in the hands of private sectors.

Which is the tallest building in the world

Apart from this, it cannot be decided from the big building that the country is rich, for example, the most prosperous country in the world is present in the continent of Europe, but you will not see tall buildings in the European country. Every country has its own special identity, such as America is known worldwide for its big buildings, while the countries of Europe are recognized for their historical building made with their finest workmanship. If seen in history, the countries of Europe are considered to be the most prosperous countries, while imagining the future, countries like America, Japan and China are seen in the forefront because these countries have everything that you want to see in the future like technology, big Big buildings, money etc.

which is the tallest building in the world

The world’s tallest building is located not in a developed country like America but in the developing country UAE, the name of this building of UAE is Burj Khalifa which is located in Dubai city, the height of Burj Khalifa is 828 meters i.e. 2716 feet. This building has 163 floors and to reach such a height, the world’s fastest lift has been installed in it.

These lifts run at a speed of 65 kms, taking just 2 minutes to reach the 124th floor of the building. There is an observation deck on the 124th floor in which tourists can enjoy beautiful views of Dubai with the help of a telescope.

The construction of Burj Khalifa was started on 6 January 2004, which took almost 6 years to complete, it was opened to the general public on 4 January 2010. If many people want to know about its owner, then tell that the owner of Burj Khalifa is Emaar Properties, the main architects of this building are Adrian Smith, George J. Efstathiou, Marshall Strabala.

Its contractors were Samsung C&T Corporation, Turner Construction, Laing O’Rourke. On the other hand, if we talk about the cost of building Burj Khalifa, it took 1.5 billion US dollars, if some reports are to be believed, the name of Burj Khalifa was to be named Burj Dubai, but its construction had to face financial constraints. Meaning that money was short in making it, after which the President of UAE Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan helped them financially, after which it was named Burj Khalifa.

The second tallest building after Burj Khalifa is the Shanghai Tower, which is built in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Its height is 632 meters, although it has not been as successful as Burj Khalifa because the cost of its construction is twice that of Burj Khalifa and even today this building is half empty. .

So now you know that which is the tallest building in the world Due to modern technology, now there is a competition in the countries to build the world’s tallest building, which was started by America. If some reports are to be believed, now a building bigger than Burj Khalifa is being built whose height is being estimated at 1 kilometer. If all goes well, then this skyscraper can be seen after 2022, if any building breaks the record of Burj Khalifa, then you will get information about it in this website.


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